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Welcome to GPtents, where the thrill of motorsport meets the great outdoors!

8 min

The most comfortable camping in Spielberg – that’s GPtents

Are you looking for accommodation for your F1 or MotoGP event? Do you want to experience camping without giving up luxury? Then you should check out GPtents!

5 min

Find out how to park in Spielberg with a 100 % security and without worries

Are you driving your vehicle to GPtents in Spielberg for the Formula 1 or MotoGP weekend? We got you! GPtents offers parking right on the premises of the campsite.

7 min

What's in the welcome pack?

Every group of guests receive their welcome pack. Wanna know what “gifts” have we prepared for you? Read the article!

5 min

Find out more about our top tier concierge service!

GPtents is not an ordinary camp. With us, you can live through your camping experience in Spielberg, Spa or Imola and still enjoy all the hotel-like luxurious services! Our concierge service is a good example of that.

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You are always safe and sound in GPtents

While camping, you might find yourself worried about your safety. With GPtents, you do not have to!

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How do we keep our camp tidy and clean?

Are you not used to camping and worry about the hygiene and cleanliness of the camp? Do not worry anymore! GPtents is the tidiest camp by the Formula 1 circuit.