While camping, you might find yourself worried about your safety. With GPtents, you do not have to!

You are always safe and sound in GPtents

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While camping, you might find yourself worried about your safety. With GPtents, you do not have to!

Camping with GPtents is safe for several reasons:

  • we meet safety standards
  • we have all day and all night security staff
  • we are there for you 24/7
  • we put up fences around the camp
  • we hang lights so you don't fear the dark
  • we depend on you and your behavior



GPtents is usually tested and certified by relevant safety organizations to ensure we meet safety standards. This provides assurance that the tent village and camping area have undergone rigorous testing and are safe to use.

For example, the firefighter department drives around the camp every day to make sure the aisles between tents are wide enough, there are no fire hazards in the camp and proper fire extinguishers are set up.

The electricians check the power wiring and discuss measures with our team to avoid the power being overloaded.

Every member of our crew is familiar with the emergency telephone numbers and has been trained in what to do and what steps to take in risky situations



Both F1 and MotoGP are events where people go to have fun. Of course, this includes alcohol, loud music and a party atmosphere. Our tent hotel is one of the few places around the circuit where we keep the night quiet and rely on it. All our guests know that we have set quiet hours, during which we want no one to make a mess on the premises.

Our trained security staff is there to security is there to ensure that order is maintained

A day security staff is responsible for watching over the parking lot, checking if there are no damaged tents, and they especially make sure that strangers (residents of the adjacent campsite, random passers-by) do not cross the fence and enter the GPtents private area. They send these people away uncompromisingly.

A night security staff basically does the same thing. They check compliance with the quiet hours, but also go around the camp and guard it against raids by mostly party-like visitors from neighboring camps. 

An equally important task is to check compliance with prohibitions on making fires, barbecuing, smoking cigarettes in tents (even in vestibules), setting off firecrackers/fireworks, lighting candles in or near tents. 

Late at night, when the area is already quiet, the security guards walk around the campsite, including the parking lot, and simply watch over it.



Our reception is open all day and all night, which means anytime you need anything, you can come up to the front desk and we will be happy to assist you!

What might happen is that at night, the reception may be closed for some reason for just a short moment. In that case a phone number you can call will be displayed. 


During camp construction we focus on an important task which is fencing the camp. We want to make sure the borderline of the campsite is clear and distinct to both our guests and campers from surrounding camps.

GPtents camp is a private area for GPtents guests only. We often had to deal with trespassing in the past, so we took certain measures to make sure we avoid uncomfortable situations.


The campsites are usually set up in nature on the meadow, near the forest, further from the usual street lighting. Simply put, the camp would be very dark at night. 

Not with GPtents! We hang lights all around to increase visibility at night and reduce the risk of tripping. So if you need to go out at night or early in the morning, you do not have to be scared!



However, it's important to note that safety also depends on the guest's behavior and adherence to camping best practices. It's crucial to follow safety guidelines, such as properly securing the tent, avoiding open flames, and being aware of potential hazards in the camping area.


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