Are you not used to camping and worry about the hygiene and cleanliness of the camp? Do not worry anymore! GPtents is the tidiest camp by the Formula 1 circuit.

How do we keep our camp tidy and clean?

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Eva Cholevíková Eva Cholevíková

Are you not used to camping and worry about the hygiene and cleanliness of the camp? Do not worry anymore! GPtents is the tidiest camp by the Formula 1 circuit.

How so?

  • 24/7 cleaning service

  • responsible staff

  • waste management and recycling

  • education and awareness

  • camper cooperation

  • smoking corner

  • your help 🙂

GPtents takes pride in maintaining a tidy and clean camp environment to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for all campers. Here are some ways GPtents keep the camp area neat and organized:


24/7 cleaning service and responsible staff

The friendly and attentive staff at GPtents play a crucial role in keeping the camp tidy. They regularly patrol the campsite, ensuring that areas such as the dining area and recreational spaces are clean and addressing any immediate cleaning needs. The staff is also readily available to assist campers with any questions or concerns related to cleanliness.

Our staff is present 24/7 to ensure that all our sanitary facilities, such as toilets and showers are always clean and ready to use. 


Waste management and recycling

GPtents has a robust waste management system in place. There are designated trash bins strategically placed throughout the campsite, making it convenient for guests to dispose of their waste responsibly. Regular garbage collection services are also scheduled to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

GPtents also encourage guests to participate in recycling efforts. Recycling bins are available throughout the campsite for campers to separate recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, and glass. This helps reduce the camp's environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

For the Camping options at our campsite, the campers will have provided a place where they can easily dispose of their chemical waste.


Education and Awareness

GPtents believes in educating about the importance of keeping the campsite clean. Upon arrival, campers are provided with information on proper waste disposal, recycling practices, and the impact of littering on the environment. This creates a sense of responsibility among campers to maintain cleanliness throughout their stay.

Each pre-built tent is provided with a trash bin, allowing the guests to take care of their waste. The staff is also ready to provide guests with additional trash bags if needed.

Each guest who has booked a camping pitch is provided a welcome pack which includes trash bags for their waste (among other useful stuff!).


Guest Cooperation

GPtents emphasize the importance of cooperation in maintaining a clean campsite. Guests are encouraged to clean up after themselves, dispose of waste properly, and respect the natural surroundings. By fostering a culture of cleanliness and responsibility, GPtents ensure that everybody plays a part in keeping the campsite tidy.

We appreciate your help and cooperation! :) 


Smoking corner

For smokers, a smoking corner is provided! It is an area dedicated solely to those who like to enjoy their cigarette. This prevents guests from throwing cigarette butts and their waste all over the campsite.


Stay clean and tidy!

In conclusion, GPtents prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene to provide an enjoyable camping experience for all. Through regular cleaning, waste management, recycling initiatives, education, staff support, and guest cooperation, GPtents maintains a tidy and clean campsite that everybody can appreciate and enjoy.


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