Circuit de Monaco
25. 7. – 27. 5. 2018

Monaco Formula 1

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Formula 1 in Monaco is one of the most important and prestigious races in the whole world. The Circuit de Monaco is located in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, where the qualification is almost more important than the race itself!
All hotels in Monaco and surrounding are very expensive or sold out. Because of that, GPtent is a perfect solution for you! Located in Menton, with a view on the sea, you can just hop on the train and be in Monaco in 10 minutes! Avoid all traffic jams and simply enjoy the race as much as you can!


GPtents offer comfortability similar to usual hotel – tents will be pre‐built, ready for your arrival. They are equipped with comfortable foam mattress, pillows, blankets, towels, soap and a tent lock with keys.


  • 10 minutes ride by train
  • 5 minutes walk to town center
  • Wonderful view on the sea
  • Facilities with hot water
  • Wonderful breakfast every morning
  • Small restaurant
  • Communal area to charge your phone or laptop
  • Survival guide with more information will be available soon

GPtents is located in one of the loveliest campsites in France, Campings Côte d’Azur.It is located on a hill, so you have a wonderful view from the tent on a historical city of Menton and its shores.

Camping is serviced with a small restaurant, clean toilets and hot showers. You can park your car or motorcycle by the camping area. You also do not need to worry about traffic jams – as you can walk to the railway station and take a train to Monaco – it goes every 15 minutes! Let your car in the camping and enjoy a 10-minutes-long train ride.

Formula 1 fans can expect an exciting stay in big comfortable tents with nothing to worry about. Every morning, you will start your day with great cup of coffee or tea and wonderful breakfast free of charge.

We are open from Wednesday until Monday.


We are sorry but we do not build tents for the event in this year.